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COMPOSITE stone panel Q&A

What is a composite stone panel?

A composite stone panel is commonly a thin layer of Natural Stone, or in some cases a thin layer of porcelain. Applied on another backing material acting as its reinforcement.

Why composite stone panel?

To understand why dose composite stone panel exist, we need to look at a type of marble called “Royal Batticino” first. This material is fairly rare to come by and extremely brittle in the manufacturing. However there is a very high demand for this kind of material. So a new method is found by compositing the marble with a ceramic backing. That way during manufacturing, one common piece of “Royal Batticino” can be cut into few thiner pieces, with increasing durability and strength. This method has soon been applied to many other types of marble and materials.

What advantage does composite stone panel has?


First, it obviously saves raw materials. Natural stones are not a renewable source of material, and it will be more and more scarce. The composite stone panel is not only a super efficient way of saving construction cost but also a material designed with sustainability & environment in mind.

The product forms a lightweight, high strength sandwich units that are extremely rigid. While still keep the beauty of natural stone.

The panel can also be manufactured into Large size formats. That way it allows designs and application where under normal circumstances it would not be possible with just natural stone.

Size of panels can be made up to (but not limited to) 3600mmx2400mm.

Other advantages include its fire resistant, easier to handle and less likely to be broken during installation etc.

Where is it manufactured?

These days, majority of the composite stone panel are manufactured in China. In fact China is world’s largest stone manufacture country. The industry is very mature and experienced in China. All ROCKMARK’s nature stone product are selected & sourced in-house. Then send tour partners who specialise in composite the natural stone with the a variety of backing materials. ROCKMARK then complete the quality control inspection in its warehouse in Shanghai. Finally package and ship it to its clients.